2010 Moscow, Russia

WRTC 2010 Russia logo

WRTC 2010 Russia logo

WRTC 2010 was held in Moscow, Russia, organized by Soyuz Radioljubiteley Rossii – the Russian National amateur radio society. 48 teams representing 24 countries participated. For the first time in WRTC history, all operating sites were as equal as possible, using flat fields with no significant location advantages. Volunteers from radio clubs all over Russia installed identical antennas and tents at each site. All competitors operated “Field Day style” using portable electric generators.

Also new in WRTC 2010, both operators were allowed to operate at the same time, interleaving contacts, as long as only one transmitted at a time, an operating style borrowed from the Russian Radiosport Team Championship (RRTC). Most participants used a triplexer or diplexer to enable the tri-band Yagi antenna to be shared by both transceivers at the same time without interference.

First place: Vladimir Aksenov RW1AC and Alexey Mikhailov RA1AIP of Russia

Second plage: Tõnno Vähk ES5TV and Toivo Hallikivi ES2RR from Estonia

Third place: Dan Craig N6MJ and Chris Hurlbut KL9A from the U.S.A.

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N6TV at WRTC2014 Hotel

Bob Wilson, N6TV, has shared his extensive photo album from WRTC 2010 and the surrounding events. Click on any link to go to the Google photo album.

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Video about WRTC 2010 held in Moscow. 


The final results as certified by the WRTC2010 organizers.

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WRTC-2010 is for the first time Field Day style competition.

All competitors will be located in the same geographical area within 40 x 30 km where height differences are not greater than 40 meters. All competitor locations will be separated at least 500 m from each other. (read more…)

1. Contest Period
The WRTC 2010 will be held during the IARU 2010 HF Championship.

Start: Saturday 10 July 2010 1200 UTC (1600 Local time)
End: Sunday 11 July 2010 1200 UTC

2. Frequencies/Bands
3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28 MHz (read more…)

Overview – This is a summary of the operator selection criteria and evaluation formulas for WRTC-2010. Each competitor may submit up to eight results from the contests in section 1. Each result is calculated according to sections 2 through 4. Application criteria and team distribution are described in sections 5 through 9. (read more…)