WRTC 2010 Selection Criteria

Overview – This is a summary of the operator selection criteria and evaluation formulas for WRTC-2010. Each competitor may submit up to eight results from the contests in section 1. Each result is calculated according to sections 2 through 4. Application criteria and team distribution are described in sections 5 through 9.

1. Contest listing – scores from the following contest may be used to calculate results for the selection process.

Contest Years from which scores will count Number of scores
CQWWCW 2006 2007 2008 3
CQWWSSB 2006 2007 2008 3
RDXC 2007 2008 2009 3
WAE CW 2006 2007 2008 3
WAE SSB 2006 2007 2008 3
CQWPXSSB 2007 2008 2
CQWPXCW 2007 2008 2
IARU 2006 2007 2008 3
ARRL CW 2007 2008 2
ARRL SSB 2007 2008 2
EUHFC 2007 2008 2 EU only
SS CW 2007 2008 2 NA only
SS SSB 2007 2008 2 NA only
NA Sprint CW (1 per year) 2007 2008 2 NA only
NA Sprint SSB (1 per year) 2007 2008 2 NA only
Russian RTC 2007 2008 2009 3 RU only

EU = 28 contests; US = 34 contests; RUS = 31 contests; Others = 26 contests.

2. Contest weight – This represents the maximum result that can be obtained from a contest score.

Contest Maximum result
CQWW (CW & SSB) 950
RDXC 910
EUHFC 850 for EU
WPX (CW & SSB) 740
IARU 740
WAE (CW & SSB) 730
SS (CW & SSB) 700 for NA
ARRL (CW & SSB) 660 for NA
NA Sprint (CW&SSB) 600 for NA
ARRL (CW&SSB) 620 for DX
RRTC (M/S only) 1000 for Russia only

3. Category factor – These factors based on entry category are applied to the contest’s maximum result to account for differences in competitiveness and activity level.

Entry Weight
SO-AB 1,0
SO-Assisted 0,7
SO-Single mode in Mixed-mode contests 0,8
LP 0,7
MS 0,9
M2 0,8
MM (incl. HQ) 0,7

SO-QRP and SO-Single Band scores will not be counted towards selection for WRTC-2010.

4. Formula for calculation of results from each contest

Nominee result = Contest weight x Category factor x (Nominee score in the contest / Maximum score in nominee category from selection area)

Example calculation:
RX3ZZ receives a score of 1.2 Mpts in WPX CW (weight = 740 points) as a SO-LP entry (category factor = 0.7). The maximum score in SO-LP in RX3ZZ’s selection area (see section 8 of this document) was 1.35 Mpts. RX3ZZ may submit the following result from this contest:

740 x 0.7 x (1.2 Mpts / 1.35 Mpts) = 460.4 points

If “Maximum score in nominee category from selection area” is lower than the highest score in any lower category from the same selection area, substitute the higher score as the reference score:

Nominee result = Contest weight x Category factor x (Nominee score in the contest / Maximum score in lower category from selection area)

Category order: MM, M2, MS, SOAB-Assisted, SOAB, SOAB-Single Mode, SOAB-LP

Example calculation:
RZ3XYZ club receives a score of 3.8 Mpts in WPX CW (weight = 740 points) as M2 entry (category factor = 0.8). The maximum score in M2 in RZ3XYZ club’s selection area was 4.9 Mpts, but this score is lower than score of RA3AAA who made 8.5 Mpts in SOAB category in the same RZ3XYZ contest area. RZ3XYZ may submit the following result from this contest:

740 x 0.8 x (3.8 Mpts / 8.5 Mpts) = 264.6 points

SELECTION AREA – an area of applicant’s permanent residence
for US – an area (within mentioned borders) of applicant permanent residence (driver license, FCC license)

DX QTH scores (scores made outside an operator’s home selection area) are evaluated against the top score in the selection area from which the score was made. For example, if W1ABC (home selection area US Area 1) operates from KP1, receives points from evaluating the score against other scores from Central America and not against scores from US Area 1.

5. Conditions for team leader (TL)

  1. A TL must have permanent residence (a valid passport) in the country he (she) applies to represent and at the time of all contests for which results are submitted. When the TL has residence in two or more countries, he (she) may only represent one of them.
  2. Total result – sum of 8 best results calculated as in section 4 of this document
  3. MS/M2/MM – no more than 4 results may be submitted
  4. MS/M2/MM – no more than 2 team members may submit results for a single contest for MS, 3 for M2, 5 for MM
  5. DX QTH – no more than 4 results may be submitted

6. Conditions for team mate (TM)
TM must have permanent residence of the same country as their TL and from the date of the first submitted contest result.

Exception: TL from African, Asian (others), Central American or Pacific (others) entity can choose TM from another country, but from the same selection area.

7. Referees
Each TL will nominate a referee candidate for WRTC-2010. That candidate (along with volunteers from the contesting public) will be placed on a referee nomination list. From that list, referees will be selected and assigned to teams. Organizers strongly suggest for a referee to be highly experienced SO2R contest operator!

During the competition, the team referee must be from a different country than that of the team and can not be the one which is nominated by that team.

8. Selection areas’ teams

Continent Total teams Area name Countries in area Teams from area
Europe 21 teams EU Area #1 3A-9H-C3-EA (incl. EA6)-CT (incl.CU)-F (incl.TK)-G (incl.G-GD-GI-GJ-GM-GU-GW)-EI-I (incl.IS0-HV-1A)-T7-ZB2 4 teams
EU Area #2 ON-PA-LX-DL-OE-HB-HB0-SP-OK-OM-HA 5 teams
EU Area #3 SM-LA-OH (incl. OH0-OJ0)-OZ-OY-TF-JW-JX-LY-YL-ES 5 teams
EU Area #4 UR-EW-ER-LZ-SV (incl. SV5-SV9-SV/a)-YO-YU-S5-9A-ZA-Z3-T9-4O 5 teams
EU Area #5 R1-R2-R3-R4-R6 2 teams
North America 11 teams NA Area #1 W1-W2-W3-W4 (VA, NC, SC, FL, GA) 3 teams
NA Area #2 W4 (KY,TN,AL)-W8-W9 2 teams
NA Area #3 W5-W0 2 teams
NA Area #4 W6-W7-KL7 2 teams
NA Area #5 VE1-VE2-VE3-VE4-VE9-VY2-VO2 1 team
NA Area #6 VE5-VE6-VE7-VE8 1 team
Central America 1 team CA Area CA countries 1 team
South America 2 teams SA Area #1 PY 1 team
SA Area #2 others 1 team
Asia 6 teams AS Area #1 JA 1 team
AS Area #2 R9-R0 2 teams
AS Area #3 others 3 teams
Oceania 2 teams OC Area #1 VK – ZL (incl. VK9, ZL7-8-9) 1 team
OC Area #2 others 1 team
Africa 1 team AF Area #1 all 1 team
Total 44 teams

A maximum of 2 (two) teams from a single country will be accepted (Exception: Invited, host and sponsored teams).

TL/TM from selection areas list disqualified from any listed contests in period from July 2006 will lose the right to apply.

9. Special teams

Invited team 1 team WRTC-2006 champion 1 team
Host team 1 team SRR 1 team
Sponsored teams 4 teams Sponsored Team #1-#4 4 teams
Total 6 teams