1996 San Francisco

WRTC 1996 Official Logo

WRTC 1996 Official Logo

The 1996 World Radiosport Team Championship was held in the San Francisco, California, USA area in July, 1996, and was organized by the Northern California Contest Club. The format continued to be teams of two competitors each, operating at stations with similar antenna and power restrictions, participating in the IARU HF World Championship, a world-wide operating event that includes both phone and CW operation.

During the competition, the WRTC stations used distinctive “1×1” callsigns specially approved by the Federal Communications Commission. This was the first time 1×1 callsigns were issued to amateur radio operators in the USA.

The callsigns – W6A through W6Z and K6A through K6Z – were assigned randomly to each team, and helped prevent other stations in the IARU HF World Championship contest from recognizing their friends. The special call signs also ensured that all stations had call signs that took approximately the same amount of time to speak phonetically or to send in Morse code. Fifty-two teams of two operators each represented twenty-four countries and all six inhabited continents.

First place: Jeff Steinman KRØY and Dan Street K1TO of the United States

Second place: John Laney III K4BAI and Bill Fisher KM9P of the United States

Third place: Dave Hachadorian K6LL and Steve London N2IC of the United States

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This is a video documentary of an elite amateur radio competition, the 2nd World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC), held in the San Francisco Bay Area in July, 1996.

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Updated 23 December 1996

These are the rules the 52 teams followed during WRTC-96. The “exhibition teams” were exempt from all rules and were not eligible for awards.

WRTC-96 will be held in conjunction with the IARU HF World Championship contest. The WRTC competitors will have a slightly different set of additional rules they must follow, however. (read more…)

Call Op#1    Op#2     Judge   Host   QTH             Score   QSOs Mlt Uq% S/W

W6X  KR0Y    K1TO     UA6HZ   WA6AHF San Lorenzo     761829  2457 183 1.7 NA
K6T  K4BAI   KM9P     W6UM    NQ6X   San Jose        678132  2511 162 1.2 NA
W6R  K6LL    N2IC     WR3G    AF6S   San Jose        655720  2424 169 1.1 CT
K6P  VE3EJ   VE3IY    OH2KI   N6UUG  Suisun City     647112  2343 177 2.0 NA
K6C  K4UEE   N6IG     BA1FB   WB6PCJ Redwood City    644059  2355 169 0.9 CT
W6T  K5ZD    WX3N     K6SSS   AB6CW  Cupertino       616308  2170 174 1.2 NA
W6D  K1KI    K3UA     AA7FT   K6YT   Los Altos       606550  2145 175 1.6 CT
W6Q  9A3A    S53R     W7NI    WA6GFY Sunnyvale       598272  2233 164 2.1 CT
W6V  KF3P    KR2J     N6RA    WB6YRN Fairfield       577575  2352 151 1.6 CT
W6P  K8CC    K5GO     K7LXC   WB6WSL Los Altos       568435  2370 149 1.0 NA
K6V  W2GD    W0UA     S59AA   KE6HUA Redwood City    568378  2465 146 2.4 CT
K6W  N6TV    K7SS     N6KT    AB6DI  Hayward         556928  2261 152 1.5 CT
W6I  K1AR    K1DG     S50R    KK6WP  Berkeley        547404  2204 156 1.3 CT
W6Y  DL1IAO  DK3GI    NB6G    AD6E   San Jose        545756  1993 167 1.7 CT
K6D  DL5XX   DL1VJ    KJ4VH   NF6S   Livermore       532728  2183 147 2.3 CT
K6R  LZ1SA   LZ2PO    OK2FD   N6BT   Los Altos       531552  2256 147 2.1 CT
K6G  NP4Z    WC4E     K5MM    K6MA   Sunnyvale       527592  2238 152 2.8 NA
W6A  K3LR    WA8YVR   AB6NJ   KE6OT  Sunnyvale       523672  2478 134 2.2 NA
K6X  UA3DPX  RZ9UA    AI7B    WB6UTY Half Moon Bay   518666  1960 163 1.7 TR
K6Z  JH4NMT  JE3MAS   W0UN    W6YX   Stanford        512535  2318 141 3.4 CT
W6S  LY2IJ   LY1DS    S50A    AA6YQ  Los Altos       509392  1958 158 1.9 paper
W6B  S59A    S56A     I2UIY   AE0M   Belmont         507318  2257 141 1.7 S56A
K6Y  OK1CF   OK2PAY   W7RM    W6DU   Los Altos       499796  2143 148 2.3 TR
W6H  RW1AC   RV1AW    PY5EG   AI6V   Concord         497965  1841 163 1.0 CT
K6I  JH7PKU  JO1BMV   CT1BOH  KN6VO  Sunnyvale       488940  2296 145 2.1 CT
K6S  ON4UN   ON9CIB   W3ZZ    N6WFK  Redwood City    480326  2120 154 2.4 CT
W6U  EA1AK   EA4KR    N0AX    W6JD   Palo Alto       470744  1918 152 1.7 CT
W6G  JE1JKL  JH7WKQ   OH2MM   N6OM   Sunnyvale       470237  1984 139 2.0 CT
K6U  SM3DMP  SM3CER   N7NG    AJ6V   Los Altos Hills 465075  2165 135 1.1 TR
W6O  ZS6EZ   ZS6NW    VE7SV   KV6S   San Jose        461553  2093 137 1.7 CT
K6O  WN4KKN  N6TR     WA7NIN  KW6C   Mountain View   454476  2331 121 0.4 TR
W6E  EA7TL   EA9KB    N2AA    K6XV   Pleasanton      445356  1871 139 1.6 CT
K6N  YT1AD   YU1RL    K3ZO    WB6AFJ San Jose        437167  2228 137 3.7 CT
W6W  LU6ETB  LU/OH0XX I0JBL   W6OPO  Palo Alto       437016  2319 131 3.3 TR
K6J  N2NT    KZ2S     S57AL   KK6EK  Walnut Creek    426656  1902 134 1.1 NA
W6K  F6FGZ   F5MUX    K5RC    W6VG   Menlo Park      418375  2276 125 3.1 CT
K6A  JH4RHF  JA8RWU   9A5W    K6SMH  Saratoga        412388  1981 131 2.7 CT
K6H  DJ6QT   DJ2YA    RW9UP   N6DA   Fremont         411376  2353 112 1.6 CT
K6K  UT5UGR  UT4UZ    S59L    KG6FR  Berkeley        398399  1863 127 1.3 CT
K6F  IT9BLB  IT9VDQ   UA9BA   KM6OH  San Lorenzo     385280  2000 128 3.1 CT
K6M  GI0NWG  G3OZF    K4XU    WB6JJJ San Jose        383437  1884 131 3.0 CT
K6B  9A9A    9A3GW    G3SXW   AB6YL  Sunnyvale       383166  1886 126 1.2 CT
K6Q  VE7NTT  VE7CC    K0KR    WM6R   Berkeley        362440  1546 130 0.4 TR
K6E  HA0MM   HA0DU    AA6XZ   KK6PH  San Pablo       357885  1759 135 4.0 CT
W6Z  VK5GN   VK2AYD   RU1AA   W6NA   Palo Alto       343604  1822 124 2.2 TR
W6J  SP6AZT  SP9FKQ   K6NA    K6LM   Sunnyvale       330876  2023 117 2.4 CT
W6L  UN4L    UN2L     W7YAQ   KM6AV  Dublin          309518  1796 121 4.9 paper
K6L  SP9HWN  SP9IJU   JA7RHJ  W6ISO  Redwood City    298178  2149  97 3.7 CT
W6N  I4UFH   I2VXJ    KC7V    KE6KXO Alviso          269028  1728 106 3.3 CT
W6M  PY0FF   PY5CC    S56M    AB6CJ  Palo Alto       231066  1580  99 2.6 CT
W6C  IN3QBR  IT9TQH   K8AZ    AA6LY  Cupertino       185070  1615  93 5.0 CT

* approximate score -- damaged log file:
W6F  OH2IW   OH1JT    KT3Y    AG6D   San Martin      565000* 2100 170 1.1 TR
Demonstration Teams (alphabetically by callsign)

Call Op#1    Op#2     Judge   Host   QTH                     QSOs Mlt     S/W

AH3C YL2KL   YL3DW    WZ6Z    WZ6Z   Oakland                 1591 140     CT
AH3D BA1OK   BA4RC    OH2BH   W6JZU  Los Altos Hills         1913 120     paper


This is the schedule we followed during WRTC-96

For beer lovers and contest afficionados, informal “Beer Busts” will be held poolside at the WRTC 96 hotel Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday afternoons/evenings. Everyone is invited–tickets may be purchased at the entrance. (read more…)


Redwood City, CA
April 3, 1996


WRTC-96, Inc. announced today selection of the 104 team members who will compete in the World Radiosport Team Championship competition scheduled for July 13 and 14, 1996. The WRTC competitors will enter the IARU HF World Championship contest as 52 two-person multi-operator, single-transmitter entries. All 52 teams will be located near San Francisco Bay on flat terrain in relatively close physical proximity so as to minimize propagation differences, and all will run 100 watts output to nearly identical antenna systems. By eliminating many of the station and propagation variables normally associated with radio contesting, the WRTC strives to present a meaningful head to head competition in which the winners can rightfully claim to be “the best of the best.” (read more…)

Date: Sat, 30 Sep 1995 10:35:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Charles Epps <epps@netcom.com>
Subject: WRTC-96 Press Release #4


Redwood City, CA
September 30, 1995

The World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC-96) will pit up to 52 two-operator teams in a head-to-head competition in the San Francisco Bay Area during the IARU HF World Championship the weekend of July 13-14, 1996. Forty-five teams are allocated to 27 Invited Countries, one team to the defending champions from WRTC-90, and six teams to Wild-card entries which may come from any country. Entrants are responsible for their own transportation to San Francisco where the WRTC-96 Committee will provide them housing, meals, local transportation and access to station locations. (read more…)