WRTC 2010 Station Description

WRTC-2010 is for the first time Field Day style competition.

All competitors will be located in the same geographical area within 40 x 30 km where height differences are not greater than 40 meters. All competitor locations will be separated at least 500 m from each other.

When you get to your location you will find ready to go (installed):

  1. * 20/15/10 m tri-bander with one feed line and PL-259 male connector on 12 m tower with antenna rotator and control unit
  2. * 40 m Inverted V dipole with feed line and PL-259 male connector
  3. * 80 m Inverted V dipole with feed line and PL-259 male connector
  4. * 2 x 100 watts peak power monitors
    Peak power monitors act on forward power only, which is greater than transmitted power when SWR > 1. In order to transmit 100 W to a mismatched antenna, an external tuner is needed to bring the SWR down, thus avoiding premature triggering of the power monitor.
    Description of regulations on power monitoring (PDF, 0.5 Mb).
  5. * 2 PL259-PL259 jumpers for 100 watts peak power monitors
  6. * Tent
  7. * 2 kw Power Generator with 30 m power cable going to the tent
    No own backup power generators are allowed. No own Uninterruptable Power Supplies, 12 V accumulator batteries or similar power sources are allowed for power backup. Exception: built-in batteries in portable computers, audio recorder, other peripherals, CMOS memory backup batteries are allowed.
  8. * 50 Liters of gazoline for generator
  9. 1 grounding rod driven nearby and connected to generator, and 1 grounding rod with a piece of wire driven nearby tent
  10. 3 x 5 EU (Schuko) outlets
  11. 2 lamps
  12. * Electrical Fan
  13. * 3 plastic tables
  14. * 3 plastic chairs
  15. WC cabin with hand wash facilities
  16. 30 liters of drinking water

Competitors are not allowed to substitute equipment in items marked with asterisk (*) by any other equipment unless permision is given by Judging committee.

Since this is a field day style operation each team will have a generator which has to be filled with gasoline. To avoid team members spending their time for re-filling generator we will have specially dedicated person at every location to help keeping it up and running during the contest period, so teams will concentrate on the contest battle.