This page contains links to general information and blog postings about the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC).


Table summarizing the antenna systems used for the WRTC events prepared by Michael Hoeding DL6MHW.

WRTC High Bands Low Bands Ant Height
1990 Seattle Stations at homes. Wide variety of antennas from 2-element Quads to stacked monoband Yagis Inv V Dipole (only 40m) 10-20 m
1996 San Francisco Stations at homes. Wide variety of tribanders Inv V Dipole (only 40m) 10-20 m
2000 Slovenia Equal trap-tribanders, ECO Italy Windom (FD4) 12 m (on hilltop)
2002 Helsinki JP tribanders (2/2/2) 2 Inv V Dipoles 10 m
2006 Brazil 8-element log periodic 40m: 2-element Yagi, 80m: Inv V 18 m
2010 Moscow HF-37 tribanders (2/2/3) 2 Inv V Dipoles 12 m
2014 New England Cycle-24 tribanders (2/2/4) 2 Inv V Dipoles 12 m

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