WRTC 2000 Station Description

1. The Organizer will make best effort to provide largest possible selection of quality transceivers. However, we strongly encourage all teams to  bring their own equipment, this means everything except the coax and antennas.

2. Radios: Two transceivers are allowed, but only one will be allowed to transmit. It should be named “MAIN” before the contest begins. Second transceiver can only be used for receiving. Change of functions between the transceivers is only permitted in case of malfunction, as   determined by the Referee. Transceivers must not be physically connected in any way.

3. Output power: Maximum output power is 100W and is verified by external power-meter provided by the Organizer.

4. Band and mode changing: Any control of transceiver’s functions via interface and logging software is not allowed, the only exception being  CW keying. All functions must be performed by the operators manually.

5. CW: It is allowed to send CW from the PC. Use of electronic memory keyers is also allowed. Interfaces between the transceiver and the  PC for sending CW, keyers and paddles, if wanted, must be provided by the teams.

6. Phone: Use of different devices for reproduction of voice is allowed. If wanted, the teams must provide any such devices or interfaces used  to operate them.

7. Audio: Teams are allowed to listen via speakers or headphones. A “Y” type 1/4″ connector is plugged into “phones” socket on the MAIN  transceiver. One input on  the “Y” connector is strictly reserved for the station Referee. All audio accessories (except for the Referee’s            headphones and “Y” connector), if wanted, must be provided by the teams.


1.    Antennas:  The Organizer will provide all locations   with equal antennas. For 10/15/20 meter bands, a 3 element tri-band Yagi will be   supplied and WINDOM antenna for 80/40 meter bands. Antennas  are  fed  via two coaxial cables  with  PL-259  type connectors at the   station end.

2.  Antenna switches: WRTC Committee will provide antenna switchers for the competitors, no other switches are allowed

3. Filters: Use of different band-pass filters on both radios is allowed. Filters and coaxial cables for their connection, if wanted, must be  supplied by the teams.

4. Coaxial cables: If used in connection with different RX/TX filters, all coaxial cables must be closed with PL-259 type connectors. Female  connectors on different devices must be  SO- 239 type.

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