24 Hours In Brazil – a WRTC 2006 documentary

Welcome to the 2006 World Radio Team Championship (WRTC) held in beautiful coastal Brazil. World-class radiosport talent compete in this most demanding of ham radio contests that brings operators together from around the world.

The video was produced and videotaped by ham radio video pioneer Dave Bell W6AQ, whom captures the spirit, energy and excitement that the event offers hams from all ages and walks of life.

This is the “24 Hours In Brazil” video by W6AQ.

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WRTC 2006 Final Scores

WRTC-2006 Final Scores Place WRTC Call Sign Operators Score 1 PT5M VE3EJ/VE7ZO 2439380 2 PW5C N6MJ/N2NL 2317456 3 PT5Y K1DG/N2NT 2098060 4 PW5X UT4UZ/UT5UGR 2024496 5 PT5D IK2QEI/IK2JUB 1987080 6 PT5P DL6FBL/DL2CC 1978320 7 PT5N 9A8A/9A5K 1962177 8 PW5Q N0AX/KL9A 1958928 9 PT5R RW3QC/RW3GU 1945174 10 PT5Q W2SC/K5ZD 1944320 11 PT5L YT6A/YT6T 1937647 12 PT5K KH6ND/N6AA 1907788 13 PT5W LY2TA/LY2CY […]

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WRTC 2006 Rules

WRTC 2006 Contest Rules 1. Contest Period The WRTC 2006 will be run within the IARU 2006 HF Championship. Start: Saturday 08-July-2006 1200 UTC (0900 Local time) End: Sunday 09-July-2006 1200 UTC WRTC 2006 Operating Time: The contest will last 24 hours. Each station can operate the full 24 hours, with no breaks.

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WRTC 2006 Station Description

Table and chairs for two Operator positions Chair for the Referee Mains Power 220V AC/ 60Hz One Linear ACOM 1010 Guyed Tower 15m with 3m Steel-pipe at the top. Rotator for the two directional antennas 20-10m Log Periodic antenna, ACOM LS86; 8 elements (longest 11m), boom 6.5m 40m 2 element (ext’n coils) beam, boom 6.7m, longest element 13m Wire antenna […]

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WRTC 2006 Selection Criteria

WRTC 2006 – SELECTION CRITERIA TABLE OF CONTENTS General Terms Selection Criteria I – National and Bi-National Teams Selection Criteria II – Sponsored Teams Selection Criteria III – Multi-National Multi Single (MN MS) Teams Selection Criteria IV – Bi-National Young Teams Schedule for the Selection Process WRTC 2006 decisions Questions Manager for Teams Selection

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WRTC 2006 Answers for Rules and Selection Criteria

This statement was posted to the WRTC 2006 email reflector on 20 December 2005 to provide a final answer after much public discussion. BASIC ANSWERS FOR RULES AND SELECTION CRITERIA QUESTIONS 20 December 2005 In order to clarify the rules and selection criteria developed by the WRTC 2006 Committee, we are circulating this report to all the friends who have an […]

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