2006 Florianópolis, Brazil

WRTC 2006 Logo

WRTC 2006 Logo

WRTC 2006 was held in Florianópolis, Brazil, and introduced a sophisticated qualification scoring system for potential competitors. The world was divided into 14 qualifying regions with the top qualifiers in each region being invited to form a team. To encourage participation of ladies and young radio amateurs, there were two special selection teams for them. 47 teams were selected for the event, but only 46 actually participated. Brazilian airline Varig declared bankruptcy on June 26, causing severe travel difficulties for many teams traveling to Florianópolis the following week, and the Czech team was unable to make other travel arrangements in time.

Teams were provided with larger antennas and 700 watt amplifiers in 2006, to help compensate for the greater distance from Brazil to the main centers of contesting activity in Europe and North America. Despite taking place during the solar minimum, the contest coincided with a short spike in conditions on the HF bands allowing high scores.

After winning three WRTCs in a row, Jeff Steinman, N5TJ and Dan Street, K1TO did not compete in the 2006 event. First place went to John Sluymer VE3EJ and James Roberts VE7ZO of Canada, the first time a team from outside the United States had won the WRTC competition. Dan Craig N6MJ and Dave Mueller N2NL of the United States achieved second place, and third place went to Doug Grant, K1DG and Andy Blank, N2NT of the United States. Ranko Boca, YT6A (now 4O3A) and Djurica Maletin, YT6T of Montenegro had been in third place in preliminary results, but after a scoring adjudication that removed “unique” contacts from WRTC logs, were rescored into eleventh place.

The Brazilian organizers also created a demonstration category of Multi-National Multi-Single (MN MS) Teams that served as a booster for the Radio hobby in Brazil, at the same time developing international friendship and contesting experience between the participants.

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Welcome to the 2006 World Radio Team Championship (WRTC) held in beautiful coastal Brazil. World-class radiosport talent compete in this most demanding of ham radio contests that brings operators together from around the world.

The video was produced and videotaped by ham radio video pioneer Dave Bell W6AQ, whom captures the spirit, energy and excitement that the event offers hams from all ages and walks of life. (read more…)

WRTC-2006 Final Scores
Place WRTC
Call Sign
Operators Score
1 PT5M VE3EJ/VE7ZO 2439380
2 PW5C N6MJ/N2NL 2317456
3 PT5Y K1DG/N2NT 2098060
4 PW5X UT4UZ/UT5UGR 2024496
5 PT5D IK2QEI/IK2JUB 1987080
6 PT5P DL6FBL/DL2CC 1978320
7 PT5N 9A8A/9A5K 1962177
8 PW5Q N0AX/KL9A 1958928
9 PT5R RW3QC/RW3GU 1945174
10 PT5Q W2SC/K5ZD 1944320
11 PT5L YT6A/YT6T 1937647
12 PT5K KH6ND/N6AA 1907788
13 PT5W LY2TA/LY2CY 1871793
14 PW5W RA3AUU/RV1AW 1845432
15 PT5B OH2UA/OH4JFN 1804495
16 PW5B SP7GIQ/SP2FAX 1769625
17 PT5I YL2KL/YL1ZF 1747392
18 PW5U XE1KK/XE1NTT 1698200
19 PT5X PY2NY/PY2EMC 1683825
20 PW5K ES5TV/ES2RR 1659948
21 PT5E K1LZ/LZ2HM 1504464
22 PW5Y K4BAI/KU8E 1492416
23 PT5U K5TR/KM3T 1489911
24 PW5V RW4WR/UA9CDV 1457868
25 PW5Z YO9GZU/YO3JR 1441440
26 PW5I ZS4TX/N2IC 1431848
27 PW5O S50A/S59AA 1404920
28 PW5G IZ3EYZ/9A1UN 1362812
29 PW5L LZ4AX/LZ3FN 1359579
30 PW5D K1ZM/K1KI 1349969
31 PT5J N6BV/AG9A 1333789
32 PW5F F6BEE/W2GD 1308496
33 PT5V 9A6XX/DJ1YFK 1295728
34 PT5G N9RV/K3LR 1212120
35 PW5A LU1FAM/LU5DX 1168500
36 PW5M PY2NDX/UU4JMG 1147722
37 PT5C OH1JT/OH2IW 1136600
38 PT5A 5B4WN/5B4AFM 1128519
39 PW5P OZ1AA/SM0W 1098880
40 PT5O HP1WW/N5ZO 1095276
41 PT5T PY2YU/PY1NX 1055240
42 PT5F RA3CO/RW3FO 960690
43 PW5T UA9AM/RZ3AA 938685
44 PW5J P43E/WA1S 878712
45 PW5N JK2VOC/JA2BNN 842289
46 PW5E BA4RF/BA7NQ 534744

WRTC 2006 Contest Rules

1. Contest Period

The WRTC 2006 will be run within the IARU 2006 HF Championship.
Start: Saturday 08-July-2006 1200 UTC (0900 Local time)
End: Sunday 09-July-2006 1200 UTC

WRTC 2006 Operating Time: The contest will last 24 hours.
Each station can operate the full 24 hours, with no breaks. (read more…)

  • Table and chairs for two Operator positions
  • Chair for the Referee
  • Mains Power 220V AC/ 60Hz
  • One Linear ACOM 1010
  • Guyed Tower 15m with 3m Steel-pipe at the top.
  • Rotator for the two directional antennas
  • 20-10m Log Periodic antenna, ACOM LS86; 8 elements (longest 11m), boom 6.5m
  • 40m 2 element (ext’n coils) beam, boom 6.7m, longest element 13m
  • Wire antenna for 80m
  • PL259 connectors on all 3 coaxial cables.
  • 3-way manual antenna switch



  1. General Terms
  2. Selection Criteria I – National and Bi-National Teams
  3. Selection Criteria II – Sponsored Teams
  4. Selection Criteria III – Multi-National Multi Single (MN MS) Teams
  5. Selection Criteria IV – Bi-National Young Teams
  6. Schedule for the Selection Process
  7. WRTC 2006 decisions
  8. Questions
  9. Manager for Teams Selection

(read more…)

This statement was posted to the WRTC 2006 email reflector on 20 December 2005 to provide a final answer after much public discussion.


20 December 2005

In order to clarify the rules and selection criteria developed by the WRTC 2006 Committee, we are circulating this report to all the friends who have an interest in WRTC 2006. (read more…)