2006 in Florianópolis, Brazil

WRTC 2006 Logo

WRTC 2006 Logo

At the bottom of the sunspot cycle the competition will be held in  Florianópolis at the Atlantic coastal area in southern Brazil. 47 WRTC and up to 15 Multi-National Multi-Single Teams (MN MS) with participants from 47 countries, will participate. In line with the qualification principles for the Olympic games, the competitors have this time been selected on basis of real performance within their Region (total 14 Regions). To encourage participation of ladies and young radio amateurs, special selection criteria have been created for them. The MN MS Teams will serve as a booster for the Radio hobby in Brazil, at the same time develop international friendship and contesting experience between the participants. Due to the poor propagations (sunspot cycle) and the remoteness from the radio amateur population centers, the WRTC is for the first time providing a linear amplifier and a beam for the 40 m. band, this in addition to the standard set-up. Further, the rules have been modified to give the second operator a more active role. Another significant step towards globalization and international friendship is that all teams are not longer National but there are also Bi-National Teams.

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