How do I join in the WRTC2002 mailing list?

Send an email with “subscribe wrtc2002 your_callsign” to wrtc2002-request@ne.nal.go.jp. This email reflector is the main channel between WRTC2002 organization and WRTC2002 competitors, visitors and other who are interested in WRTC2002. link more info
How Do I support WRTC2002 in Finland?

Check our How to support WRTC2002 -page

How Do I apply to be competitor in the WRTC2002 in Finland?

If you are outside of United States, you should simply contact the national IARU society and/or the leading contesting groups and ask them whether you can apply as your country representative for the WRTC2002. This assumes that you have some good scores made over the past 2-3 years and that you or you together with your selected teammate would be equally proficient in handling SSB and CW operating effectively in contest environment. If you would lack a local contact – you may wish to contact WRTC2002 organizers directly as instructed at WRTC2002 web.

How about the U.S team selection?

While the core U.S representation will be worked out in cooperation with the leading U.S contest clubs, two “U.S wild card” slots are reserved for two more U.S teams that may not get proposed through this mainstream U.S club pre-nomination. Here, in case of the U.S wild card teams, you will be proposing a team of two-men while the basic U.S allocation would go in two steps. Selection of a U.S captains, following the captain’s selection of their teammates.

Which are the US clubs who will nominate teams for WRTC2002?

The clubs are:
Yankee Clipper Contest Club
Frankford Radio Club
Potomac Valley Radio Club
Society of Midwest Contesters
Northern California Contest Club
Southern California Contest Club
Mad River Radio Club
North Coast Contesters
North Texas Contest Club
South East Contest Club
Florida Contest Group
Minnesota Wireless Association
Western Washington DX Club (Organizer of WRTC 1990)

How were the 13 US contest clubs selected to be nominators of the US team captains?

The clubs were selected by taking into account their club scores in the ARRL DX, CQ WW and Sweepstakes contests

Team selection deadlines?

15. June 2001 US club nomination/team pre-selection deadline
15. September 2001 US teams will be published (excl. Wildcards)
15. October 2001 National teams deadline
1. November 2001 National teams will be published
30. November 2001 Continental pre-allocations (Wildcards) deadline
1. January 2002 Continental pre-allocation teams will be published
The organizing committee will soon contact national leagues, contest clubs and managers

Wildcard teams (= Continental pre-allocated teams), do we have to apply AS A TEAM (two persons) or can it be done like the last two times, eg application is prepared only by the team leader?

Yes, you have to apply as a team

Can one person apply for more than one team?

No, you can apply for one team only

Do team members have to be from the same country?

Yes they have to

Who is a permanent resident?

A permanent resident is a radioamateur who:
a) has “a permanent resident status” and
b) has continously lived at least two years per 21.04. 2001 in that particular country and
c) has a valid amateur radio license in that particular country

Will you count the results of WPX and IARU contests in 2001 for Wild cards?

No, the official results come out in 2002 and that’s after the team selection deadline.